• Wedding Planning 101: How To Get Started

    Wedding Planning 101: How To Get Started

    Right now in the Lowe House offices, we’re hearing from a lot of people who are in the very early stages of planning weddings for next year. Where the hell do we start? is a common question these days. When you have nothing besides, “We want to get married,” (which is, I should point out, the most important thing) all of the options in front of you can feel incredibly overwhelming. Are we rustic-barn-in-the-country wedding people? Sleek-urban-loft wedding people? Something in between? What the hell is Pinterest? If we don’t have a vision for our wedding, how do we find one? People keep asking us what our colors are going to be? How do I make that stop?…

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  • Choosing a Quinceañera Dress Considering Colors

    Choosing a Quinceañera Dress Considering Colors

    Celebrating your quinceañera means one step closer to adulthood and an event where the Latin traditions you were taught for years will be highlighted. Due to the religious part of the quinceañera celebration, discretion plays an important role regarding your fashion options. Hence the pink color on the traditional quinceañera dress representing the innocence and youth of the birthday girl.

    However times have changed, fashion has evolved and the colors used and worn at quinceañeras are more extravagant, bolder and fun than ever before. This doesn’t mean the traditional quinceañera dress must be discarded but to add fascinating color incorporation to your celebration.

    Here is a fun color gallery of popular and different quinceañera dresses throughout the years.

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  • Schedule a Tour at LA FONTAINE

    Schedule a Tour at LA FONTAINE

    Touring our venues is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Future brides/grooms, quinceaneras, graduating students get to see each venue from corner to corner and have a feel of each one.

    The beauty of our venues is touring with a service advisor who will answer any questions regarding services, decor, catering, pricing or concerns you might have.

    Each representative is highly trained to give you the best experience in a tour/ tours. Give yourself the opportunity to visit LA FONTAINE RECEPTION HALL at any of our 3 locations. We strive to further assist you and meet with you in person. Below you can find the information to set a tour time and date.

    LA FONTAINE RECEPTION HALL ” The perfect place for the perfect day”


    Location 14902 NW Freeway

    Houston TX, 77040

    Office: 713-466-2800


    Location 7758. W. Tidwell Rd.

    Houston TX, 77040

    Office: 713-979-1435



    We are thrilled to announce our upcoming OPEN HOUSE. If you have never been to one of LA FONTAINE OPEN HOUSES get ready to have a magical experience. The best venderos come together to sample their amazing services to you, we have beautiful decor that gives you an opportunity to imagine what your event will look like. Family and friends gather and tour every corner of our three venues to cpmpare and analyze which one is the best fit for their upcoming event. Food tasting, cake tasting, candy tables and much more are all part of an Open House event. Oh, and of course chocolate fountaine with fruit, natural flores, centerpieces all under one roof .

    Meet Salt & Paper paper catering, Supreme Kakes, N2 Photography, Houston Studio Pro and that’s just a few of the great team that LA FONTAINE services offer.

    LA FONTAINE truly wishes you to be part of this experience. Join us this June 6th and 7th ( Saturday & Sunday ) at our original location LA FONTAINE ORIGINAL HALL located on 14902 NW FREEWAY HOUSTON TX 77040 an event on both days

    Please feel fee to RSVP 713-466-2800



    LA FONTAINE RECEPTION HALLS is excited for our upcoming OPEN HOUSE ; Sunday April 26th . We want to know what type of venue decor you would want to see ??? Post your comments and suggest ideas.

    Sincerely : Team LA FONTAINE


    Open House

    First of all, LA FONTAINE wants to say “Thank You” for stopping by our Open House last Sunday March 8th which was held in our VIP B location. The Open House was a great success thanks to you.

    Guests enjoyed some of the delicious food from our catering department Salt & Pepper and tried different types of cake as well. Venders had the opportunity to meet with everyone and show the amazing work and quality they offer. From Margarita Machine Makers to beautiful photography we had it all. Brides to be enjoyed touching the decor and taking great ideas that they can now apply in their upcoming event.

    LA FONTAINE will keep you informed about upcoming Open Houses that you might not want to miss.

    Once again Thank You for such a fun sunday at LA FONTAINE RECEPTION HALLS.